Monday, October 22, 2012

5 Tips for Working with an Invitation Designer

Most people are pretty familiar with the idea of a wedding planner...but an invitation designer?? I didn't even know that existed when I planned my wedding many, many...many years ago! And if I did know about designers..I wouldn't have had the slightest idea about what to expect when working with someone to create my invites. Well, things have changed a little over the years and it's safe to say that now I know a little...or A LOT about working with an invitation designer:) So...if you have decided to go meet an invitation designer for your wedding (wise decision!!) here are 5 tips about working together on your project.

 Start Early

Don't let your invitations be an afterthought. Remember, they are the first impression your guests will get of your big day! And while a good designer can create something for you pretty quickly, the more time the designer has to work, the better! Greatness takes time after all! Plus a designer has so much more to offer than just invitation design. He or she can also design fun save the date cards, bridal shower invitations, ceremony programs, place cards, table numbers, menus and more! Take full advantage of their expertise and really make paper work for you!

Bring Inspiration Pictures to Your First Meeting

Bring all the pictures you have collected for inspiration. Yes, even pictures of dresses, centerpieces, everything! It doesn't have to be pictures of invitations to serve as inspiration to your designer. In fact, I would much rather see pictures of everything else! These pics give your designer a GREAT idea of the look you are going for and your invitations will reflect that. Plus, designers just like pictures:) 

 Gather All the Correct Information...Promptly

Invitation designers will rely on you for a lot of the information that will be used in the design. Be sure to collect information like your parent's names, the location of the event, guest's full names and titles, and even the information you would like and anything else he or she might request as quickly as you can. Deadlines depend on it! Legibility and clarity is always a plus too:)

 Be Honest

The design process is going to involve a series of concept reviews. This is the fun part..when you actually get to see your ideas come to life in the designs! You will also be asked to provide feedback on the concepts. PLEASE be honest with your feedback! Don't be afraid to let the designer know how you are feeling. It is the designer's job to create a design that you like and the only way he or she can do that is for you to be honest with your reviews. little note...there is a difference between being honest and being mean:) Constructive feedback is preferred!

Don't be afraid to ask Questions

While some of us designers like to think that we are mind readers...sadly we are not! If you don't understand something or just want to know more about the process please speak up! One of the greatest advantages of working with an invitation designer over choosing invites from a book is the ability to ask the expert as many questions as your little heart desires! There is alot to know when it comes to wedding stationery and we are more than happy to share!
Are you working with an invitation designer to create custom wedding invitations?? Have you learned anything that you wish you would have known before getting started??

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