Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Pretty Postage

photo via Style Me Pretty
Like a cherry on top of an ice cream sundae, pretty postage stamps are the perfect finishing touch for your wedding invitations. It might seem like a little detail but going the extra mile to scout out unique stamps can make all the difference in the world between invitations that excite and invitations that fall flat.

There are lots of other options aside from the stamps available at your local post office. USPS online actually carries many more stamps then you see in the local store so check there first. They also have several options for customizing stamps with pictures and names. If you want even more customization options head to Zazzle. Here you can add almost any image to a postage stamp like a custom wedding logo.

Then there is the ultimate is gorgeous wedding postage with vintage stamps. Yes, these might take a little more time to find and money to buy but they are totally worth it. You can find vintage stamps on Etsy, Ebay, and at local stamp stores. Check out Verde Studio and Champion Stamp for a nice selection. Keep in mind that while the USPS will only recognize stamps at face value, you might pay a little more than that. Older stamps also come in much smaller denominations so you will need many more stamps per invitation. And here's a helpful tip....if you are having a calligrapher address your envelopes, make sure he or she knows you will need extra room for postage if you are using vintage postage.

photo via Style Me Pretty

photo via Style Me Pretty

photo via Style Me Pretty

photo via Wedding Chicks

photo via The Bride's Cafe

photo via 100 Layer Cake
Remember to take a fully assembled wedding invitation to the post office to find out how much postage you will need before you begin your stamp search!

Monday, August 27, 2012

5 {non-wedding} Sources of Wedding Design Inspiration

There are SO many wedding magazines, websites, and blogs these days that it is easy to became over-saturated with wedding inspiration! Not to mention it's getting harder and harder to think of an original idea with all the pictures flooding the wedding waves. So whenever I am suffering a creative wedding design block, I look to these five unlikely and very non-wedding sources of inspiration.

photo via Anagrama


1. Branding

Company's literally spend millions developing their brand image. After all, they understand the importance of making a good first impression! Branding is a great place to find inspiration for everything from color schemes to packaging for your favors. Do a quick internet search for branding to find tons of instant inspiration.


2. Restaurant Design

Restaurants specialize in creating a unique dining experience and spend a lot of time perfecting this! And what is your reception but a giant dinner party. Take a look at some interior design photos of some of the worlds top restaurants to find inspiration for tabletop design, lighting, decor, and even seating arrangements.


3. Storefront Window Displays

Stores are always on trend when it comes to design and they put it right out on display in their storefront windows. Head to your local mall or shopping district and do a little window shopping for decor and color inspiration.

photo via AdWeek


4. Local Fabric and Craft Store

While you are out perusing the storefront window displays, stop into your local neighborhood craft store. These stores are full of fabulous products that can help add a little design flair to your wedding. Many stores even offer classes for great DIY projects.


5. Home Decorating Magazines

I'm a sucker for interior design magazines and have a huge collection that I'm constantly referring to for inspiration. You can find inspiration for almost every aspect of wedding design in these mags. Not to mention you might find a few things to add to your registry!
Where do you look for original wedding design inspiration?

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Fall Trends: Glittering Gold

It looks like everyone is still going for the gold even after the Olympics have come and gone! You can easily incorporate this trend into your wedding by adding an embossed gold envelope lining or band, spray painting the edges of your place cards, using gold washi tape to embellish your favor boxes, or just simply adding a gold bead and cord to your napkin. Here are a few products to help you add the glitter to your day!

Monday, August 20, 2012

4 Things to Consider When Choosing Paper for your Wedding Invitations

Photo by Kate Marie Paperie LLC

With all the fabulous paper choices available these days it can get a little overwhelming deciding on what to use for your wedding invitation. Here are four things that will help you navigate the sea of paper out there to choose the perfect type for your invitation.

Paper Weight: The thickness of paper is commonly referred to by weight. The simplest way to look at it is the higher the weight, the thicker/heavier the paper. It gets a little tricky because there are two different scales of weight, text and cover. Text weight paper is much lighter and similar to what you might use for your every day printing while cover stock is much heavier. For example, you can have 80# text weight paper and 80# cover weight paper but they will be completely different. Wedding invitations are generally printed on heavier cover weight papers from 90-105#. You can go even heavier if you want that ultra-luxe feel. Just be aware..if you are printing your own invitations, check your printer specifications before buying paper. Most home printers cannot handle cover stock over 80#. I always recommend ordering sample paper and giving it a trial run if you're not sure. Weight, as you might guess, can also affect the cost of postage. Once you start putting all the pieces of the invitation together, the weight can add up fast and so can the mailing cost! To keep costs down, stick to lighter weight cover stock and add the luxe with the design details.

 Paper Finish: Glossy, matte, embossed, metallic, linen...the list goes on and on! Finish might seem like a minor detail but it can make a big difference in the final product. Go with glossy if you want a modern contemporary feel and matte linen paper is perfect for the more classic, traditional invitation. While textured finishes such as embossed and linen papers can add alot of interest to your invite, they can also affect readability. Again, order sample paper or visit your printer and examine the paper. The more pronounced the texture, the more difficult it will be to print clear text. If in doubt, ask your printer or your designer what he or she recommends. You can always use the textured paper for embellishments such as envelope liners or bands. Same thing goes for metallic papers. Always have a proof made so that you can see exactly how your invitation is going to look!

Paper Color: Much like finish, color can make or break your invitation suite. Traditionally, invitations were always printed on either white or ecru but those days are long gone...thank goodness! Don't be afraid to use color! It's a great way to add personality to your invitation suite and introduce your wedding colors to your guests! Just keep in mind that darker colored inks print better on lighter colored papers. If you LOVE the white ink on kraft paper look that is so hot right now, make sure you check with your printer to make sure they can handle this! White ink is a special method that not all printers can accommodate. Likewise, your home printer will not be able to create this look. Some lighter colors might work on darker paper but it will change the appearance of the ink. Proof, proof, proof! Always do a trial run to find out how the paper color is going to affect your ink color.

 Paper Size: Paper can be cut into any size or shape imaginable. Feeling like a star shaped invitation? Go for it! The biggest things when it comes to paper size is whether or not you can find an envelope that it will fit into and budget. There are several standard envelope sizes and it's pretty hard to find anything beyond those (unless you make your own). You can download a guide to standard envelope sizes from my Paper Primer post here. Once you find the perfect envelope size, you can decide on your paper size! Keep in mind that odd shapes like square or oblong envelopes will add to your postage cost so if you are watching your pennies, choose a more standard shape. Printing at home? Check your printer specs to see exactly how to set things up to print on different size paper. You can always print on 8.5 x 11 paper and trim it down to size if you're unsure about using something different in your printer.

These four things should be a big help in choosing your paper BUT if you still have questions please feel free to send them my way:)

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Paper Wedding is Now Accepting Submissions!

Calling all designers and photographers! It's time to show us your paper! If you have gorgeous, high-res photos of paper goods you have designed or photographed at real weddings and would like to share them on the Paper Wedding blog, please send them to Please make sure to include the name of the paper designer/store and the name of the photographer along with permission to publish their images.

Bring on the pretty paper!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Paper Made it Pretty: Typographic Details

This wedding I spotted on Ruffled is the PERFECT example of why I started this blog! Just look at the paper details! Everything is perfectly coordinated from the invitation suite to the reception decor and it's all centered around paper design. It's just goes to show how important it is to coordinate your paper design with the over-all vision for your wedding...from the VERY BEGINNING! Not only do these little paper details add a ton of personality to the wedding, they also create a beautifully designed wedding that will impress any guest!

This wedding was photographed by Erica Loeks Photography and the paper goods were designed by the Groom!!

{The bold typographic details in black & white contrast beautifully with the pop of chartreuse in the envelope lining!}

{Even the readings are printed up in a similar style and are the perfect example of attention to detail}

{The programs follow the exact same bold style as the invitations creating a unified feel for the design}

{This backdrop makes such a huge impact even though it is so simple! Again, using the same bold style from the wedding invitations the couple were able to add drama to their ceremony space}

{Small details! I can't say it enough...they make a HUGE difference!}

{Menus and placecards adorn the black & white tablescape}

{These hanging signs echo the same design as the ceremony backdrop and add the same dramatic

{The bold typographic numbers are paired with a delicate floral image on the seating chart. Opposites do attract:)}

{Even the dessert bar is accented with signs designed in the same style from the other reception pieces. This table just wouldn't look as finished without them!}

{See how gorgeous the decor looks! And it's mostly courtesy of paper!}

{Finishing touches!!!}

Monday, August 13, 2012

{Paper} Wedding Color Palette

My design process usually starts with inspiration pictures collected by the couple. Just like Find your Font-Mate, there are literally thousands of color combinations that can be put together to match the inspiration from these photos. Color, like font, makes a huge impact on the overall feeling your wedding invitation suite evokes so choose carefully! But remember to have fun with it! Don't be afraid to throw the rules out the window and get a little wild with your color choices! That's how you bring your personality to your wedding!

This series will be about how I put together color combinations to build wedding suites based on inspiration pictures. This will give you an idea of just how many combinations and creations there are to choose from! Word of warning...this can get addicting and you will literally spend HOURS putting palettes together! Or maybe it's just me:) 

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Personalized Wedding Magazine by Twenty Pages

I am absolutely obsessed with this idea! Of course I'm addicted to magazines so how could I not love this idea! Twenty Pages will create a completely customized magazine just for your wedding! It's the perfect addition to your welcome packets or just to send out ahead of time to give guests a little glimpse of the upcoming festivities. You can choose from one of three designs that are all 20 pages long. The templates include things like an Editor's Letter from the couple to their guests, a introduction to the bridal party, a wedding day itinerary, and location guides all laid out in beautiful magazine spreads. All you have to do is provide the images and the stories, then the magazine designers do the rest! How awesome! Here are a few sample pages from Jolie, my favorite design.

What do you think? Would you publish your love story for your guests?

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