Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Winter Wedding Decor ~ Paper Snowflakes!

How many of you remember making paper snowflakes when you were little?? Well, it's time to bust out those grade school craft skills and make some beautiful decor for your winter wedding! Paper snowflakes are SUPER SIMPLE to make and can be used in so many creative ways to add some winter splendor to your day. String a bunch of snowflakes small to large on fishing line and hang them vertically for an amazing backdrop or simply scatter the flakes down the center of each table for an easy elegant table runner. And don't get stuck on white! Try using colored paper (maybe avoid yellow..hehe) or even some of the patterned paper you created from last week's post for a modern twist. OR grab a can of glitter spray and bring on the glamour! Remember....even the simplest of things can look like a high-end design element when you increase the size or number. A couple strands of paper snowflakes...pretty. One hundred strands of snowflakes...stunning!

Not too confident in your folding and cutting ability? Check out this little guide from Vintage Junky that includes a printable template to get you started. Short on time and scissor handlers?? You can buy snowflake paper punches at your local craft store or purchase die-cut flakes on Etsy.

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Let it snow!!

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  1. Wow Nice post .You done good job. You remind me of my childhood when i use to make paper snowflakes.

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