Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Calligraphy: Paper's Perfect Accessory

Like a necklace to your date night outfit or that dazzling pair of stilettos to your little black dress, your wedding stationary just isn't complete without a little calligraphy. Plus, nothing says elegant, classy, and bridal quite like hand lettering. You can almost feel the love in every little swirl and flourish that graces the paper. This ancient art takes years to master and it truly shows! Can you just imagine receiving one of these little gems in the mail?

Think calligraphy is too formal for your rustic country affair or modern museum wedding? Think again! There are so many different styles of calligraphy and hand-lettering that there's bound to be something just right no matter the theme of your event!

modern / formal /  rustic

Now as a designer, I never recommend digitally printing mailing addresses on wedding invitations! And I don't know about you, but my handwriting wouldn't exactly be described as "elegant" (even though I've also spent years mastering it:) So I always recommend working with a calligrapher to create that one of a kind look for your wedding invitations.

And while there's nothing quite like the hand-lettered look of calligraphy, I know it isn't always the most practical or the most affordable option for the invitations  themselves. But don't get your veil all in a knot  just yet, there are some fabulous digital options out there that can also be a great accessory for your stationary. Here a just a few that have me swooning lately...

And my personal favorite....

 I hope you will consider calligraphy for your big day paper goods! It's the "write" thing to do:)

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