Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Paper Made it Pretty: Typographic Details

This wedding I spotted on Ruffled is the PERFECT example of why I started this blog! Just look at the paper details! Everything is perfectly coordinated from the invitation suite to the reception decor and it's all centered around paper design. It's just goes to show how important it is to coordinate your paper design with the over-all vision for your wedding...from the VERY BEGINNING! Not only do these little paper details add a ton of personality to the wedding, they also create a beautifully designed wedding that will impress any guest!

This wedding was photographed by Erica Loeks Photography and the paper goods were designed by the Groom!!

{The bold typographic details in black & white contrast beautifully with the pop of chartreuse in the envelope lining!}

{Even the readings are printed up in a similar style and are the perfect example of attention to detail}

{The programs follow the exact same bold style as the invitations creating a unified feel for the design}

{This backdrop makes such a huge impact even though it is so simple! Again, using the same bold style from the wedding invitations the couple were able to add drama to their ceremony space}

{Small details! I can't say it enough...they make a HUGE difference!}

{Menus and placecards adorn the black & white tablescape}

{These hanging signs echo the same design as the ceremony backdrop and add the same dramatic

{The bold typographic numbers are paired with a delicate floral image on the seating chart. Opposites do attract:)}

{Even the dessert bar is accented with signs designed in the same style from the other reception pieces. This table just wouldn't look as finished without them!}

{See how gorgeous the decor looks! And it's mostly courtesy of paper!}

{Finishing touches!!!}

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