Monday, August 27, 2012

5 {non-wedding} Sources of Wedding Design Inspiration

There are SO many wedding magazines, websites, and blogs these days that it is easy to became over-saturated with wedding inspiration! Not to mention it's getting harder and harder to think of an original idea with all the pictures flooding the wedding waves. So whenever I am suffering a creative wedding design block, I look to these five unlikely and very non-wedding sources of inspiration.

photo via Anagrama


1. Branding

Company's literally spend millions developing their brand image. After all, they understand the importance of making a good first impression! Branding is a great place to find inspiration for everything from color schemes to packaging for your favors. Do a quick internet search for branding to find tons of instant inspiration.


2. Restaurant Design

Restaurants specialize in creating a unique dining experience and spend a lot of time perfecting this! And what is your reception but a giant dinner party. Take a look at some interior design photos of some of the worlds top restaurants to find inspiration for tabletop design, lighting, decor, and even seating arrangements.


3. Storefront Window Displays

Stores are always on trend when it comes to design and they put it right out on display in their storefront windows. Head to your local mall or shopping district and do a little window shopping for decor and color inspiration.

photo via AdWeek


4. Local Fabric and Craft Store

While you are out perusing the storefront window displays, stop into your local neighborhood craft store. These stores are full of fabulous products that can help add a little design flair to your wedding. Many stores even offer classes for great DIY projects.


5. Home Decorating Magazines

I'm a sucker for interior design magazines and have a huge collection that I'm constantly referring to for inspiration. You can find inspiration for almost every aspect of wedding design in these mags. Not to mention you might find a few things to add to your registry!
Where do you look for original wedding design inspiration?

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