Monday, January 7, 2013

Find Your Font Mate ~ Chalkboard Lettering

So here it is (a few days late thanks to technical difficulties) the latest edition of Font Mate Friday. Still working out some kinks with the blog so there might be a few more delays. Thanks for hanging in there with me:) Have a fabulous week!!

Chalkboard details are everywhere these days and I can see why! There's just something very personal about the hand lettering that makes them perfect for weddings. It's also the hand lettering that makes them a little tricky to create on your own...unless your lucky enough to know a fab artist or you can afford to hire one. Have no fear! You can still incorporate this trend with a few great fonts and a little printing magic. Try using some of these chalkboard inspired fonts on a black background and there you have it! Put the paper in a pretty antique frame and you have your very own fancy shmancy hand lettered chalkboard. Just remember, desktop printers don't have white ink so it will just print the black background which means ALOT of ink. Try calling some commercial printers to see if any of them can print white ink. It might take you a little extra time but it will save you tons of ink.


Mr Moustache


Frames and Banners


Mercury Script


Bonus...if you have photoshop, check out this quick little tutorial for creating a great chalk effect in a few easy steps.

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