Monday, January 21, 2013

Recycle Your Invite ~ Anniversary Wine Box

via Wine for a Wedding

Ok, you spent all this money on gorgeous invitations for your big day so why not preserve a little piece of them to remember your wedding! If the life sized invite doesn't float your boat (which I can't believe!) and the paper quilt is a little too old about an anniversary wine box engraved with your wedding invite?? Wine for a Wedding will create a gorgeous wine box that includes three wines in separate compartments that will be perfectly aged by your fifth, tenth, and fifteenth wedding anniversaries. You can even include a message on the inside of each compartment to read when you open it on your anniversary! For a wine-o like myself, this is the PERFECT way to "recycle" your wedding invitation into something amazing that will last for fifteen years! That is if you can wait that long to drink each bottle:)

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